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Idealised characters and Mary Sues

Superman: A major Marty Stu

We’ve all encountered them – characters who can do anything. They have physical and mental abilities beyond every other character in that world, perhaps even abilities that no one else in the world has in any capacity. They are so good-looking there are no words to properly capture their beauty. …

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Five questions with Jacqueline Carey

Starless by Jacqueline Carey

I am always on the lookout for standalone fantasy novels. Not that I don’t love a good series, but there’s something so very satisfying about a self-contained story. When I heard about Starless, the latest novel from bestseller Jacqueline Carey, I could hardly contain my excitement. So what did I do? …

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Fighting oppression with Paige L Christie

Paige L Christie "Stories are told by those who are able to - those who have a voice."

Last year, Lucy was lucky enough to read an author review copy of Paige L Christie’s debut novel, Draigon Weather. She immediately fell in love with the story and what Paige was trying to achieve. We have previously had Paige on the blog answering our ‘five questions‘ but we wanted to …

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Five questions with Lauren C. Teffeau

Implanted by Lauren C Teffeau

Here at Breaking the Glass Slipper, we love to support new writers. I was trawling a list of ‘debuts to be excited about in 2018’ some time ago and came across the description of Implanted by Lauren C Teffeau. Not only did the premise sound fascinating, but I was intrigued by the book’s …

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Describing women with Gwen C. Katz

Among the Red Stars by Gwen C Katz

YA author Gwen C. Katz came across a forum thread about men’s ability to write female characters. There was the usual toxicity there – brushing off any criticism as more ‘SJW bullshit’. She wanted to speak out, but she had no idea her comments would strike such a chord. Her …

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Five questions with Martha Wells

Martha Wells

The lovely Martha Wells was recently nominated for a Hugo for the first of her novella trilogy, The Murderbot Diaries. We asked her why science fiction fans still find rogue AI stories so fascinating, what it’s like to write tie-ins for existing franchises, and what she would like to see more …

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Jeanne Cavelos on teaching genre writing

writers can never be normal people

Every few years I see articles pop up in my news feed debating the merits of creative writing courses. Can you teach writing, they ask. Writing is a skill just like any other – you might not be able to imbue someone with a sense of imagination, but you can …

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Where are the tampons? with Tiffani Angus

tampons in apocalyptic fiction

In this episode, Charlotte and Lucy talk to writer and lecturer Tiffani Angus. They discussed the estrangement of women’s bodies in apocalyptic fiction and the trends Tiffani discovered in her research on the subject. While there is a lot of genre fiction written about the apocalypse, many would fail a …

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Five questions with Teresa Frohock

Teresa Frohock - The Broken Road

Teresa Frohock came to my attention under less than ideal circumstances. Last year, ebook piracy reared its ugly head, as genre authors highlighted just how much piracy hurt them. Teresa was one of the authors that spoke out. Her comments, along with Maggie Stiefvater’s, prompted me to write an article on …

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