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Five questions with Jane Skudder

books on a bookshelf

This week we’re talking to Jane Skudder, bookseller extraordinaire. Essex-born. Yorkshire-based. Once described by a colleague as having been bookselling since the dawn of time, Jane works for Waterstones based in the enviable Wool Exchange building in Bradford. Here she talks about women and awards in the world of books. …

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Five questions with Jacqui Castle

The Seclusion: Map

Freelance writer and journalist Jacqui Castle decided to turn her writing talents to fiction, giving us the debut YA dystopian novel The Seclusion. The novel, released in September, has been garnering great reviews. We asked Jacqui about her inspirations and why she loves dystopian fiction so much. What books and writers have …

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Five questions with Meg Caddy

Eyes in the forest

I was back home in Western Australia recently and, as always, made a point to visit the local speculative fiction specialist bookshop (Stefen’s Books, if anyone is interested – I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area!). While there, I was recommended a YA fantasy novel by a …

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Five questions with Kristina Pérez

Why has the story of Tristan and Iseult endured for more than a thousand years? Kristina Pérez introduces her own brilliant retelling, Sweet Black Waves, a fantasy built on the foundations of history, and in the process shows us why romance is still so popular. Tristan and Iseult is probably …

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Five questions with Joanne Hall

In this week’s 5 Questions, we chat to author Joanne Hall about short stories vs novels, how gaming inspires her worldbuilding and why it’s still so important to be talking about women’s fiction! What drew you to write speculative fiction? Do you think the genre still has a lot to …

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Five questions with Elizabeth Moon

Cold Welcome by Elizabeth Moon

Elizabeth Moon has been publishing novels since 1988 and recently returned to one of her most successful and loved universes, Vatta’s War. In the new series, Vatta’s Peace, Moon reunites her audience with heroine Kylara Vatta, space-fleet commander. As one of the most enduring female voices in military science fiction, we wanted to …

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Five questions with Mary Robinette Kowal

The Calculating Stars

I have been obsessed with Mary Robinette Kowal ever since I read Ghost Talkers (you can read my review here). I was blown away by the originality within a historical fantasy setting. Her characters grabbed hold of me immediately and would not let go. When I saw Mary was publishing a …

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Five questions with Rachel Heng

Suicide Club: The Leave Us No Choice

My favourite part of science fiction is the philosophical quandary at the root. After all, science fiction simply asks ‘What if?’ In Rachel Heng’s new novel from Hodder, Suicide Club, she asks ‘What if we actually achieved immortality?’ Mortals have always strived to conquer death, but would it really deliver on …

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Five questions with Emily Devenport

Medusa Uploaded by Emily Devenport

If you keep up with new publications in the science fiction genre, it’s likely you have heard of Medusa Uploaded. It has been popping up on almost every ‘must read’ list I’ve seen of recently published genre fiction. You may not have come across Emily Devenport before – at least not …

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Five questions with Julia Fine

Dark woods

Julia Fine’s debut novel, What Should Be Wild, has been making almost every ‘what you should be reading now’ list in recent months. Those of you who are regular listeners of the podcast know that we have a soft spot for fairytales and fairytale retellings (especially Charlotte!), so Julia’s novel immediately …

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