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Five questions with Paige L Christie

Paige’s debut fantasy Draigon Weather is a tightly-woven, trope-flipping tale of two people caught in the gendered expectations of their regressive society. I found it original, compelling and can’t wait to see where she takes the story next. Here is Paige in her own words on her love of fantasy, …

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Five questions with Mallory Hill

We interviewed writer Mallory Hill on her route to publishing, what she loves about science fiction, and why we should all be reading her debut novel, Terminal Regression. You first found success with self-publishing. Why did you choose to go down that route and how did you move into a more …

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Five questions with Kristi DeMeester

Beneath by Kristi DeMeester

Some people may read for enjoyment, others for a fright. Lucky for the latter group, we have gifted writers like Kristi DeMeester writing horror in both short form and novels. With both her debut novel and a short story collection out now, we wanted to ask Kristi about writing for …

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Five questions with Wendy Wagner

With the recent release of her latest novel, An Oath of Dogs, we asked writer and editor Wendy Wagner a few questions about her love of SF, what it is like editing a short fiction magazine, and how she balances her critical and creative sides. What made you fall in love …

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Five questions with Shona Kinsella

Now that Shona’s first book Ashael Rising is out in the world, we asked about her journey into the wilds of genre publishing. What first sparked your love of genre fiction? I’ve been reading genre fiction for as long as I can remember, even the very early books I read were fantasy, …

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Five questions with Mahvesh Murad

While what I first and foremost love at Breaking the Glass Slipper is speculative fiction writers, it’s important to note that there are women working in the industry on a wide range of projects and in a number of different roles. Mahvesh Murad is one of them, and furthermore, someone who wears …

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Five questions with Kellie Doherty

Here at Breaking the Glass Slipper, we are all about celebrating writers. In the hopes of helping readers find new and exciting writers, we aim to introduce our listeners to writers they may not have come across before. In the first of a new series of ‘five questions with’, we …

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Gender parity in publisher PR

Women write genre books. Publishers publish those books. Readers read those books. So why are women still underrepresented in the adult SFF market? Why do they not feature on more recommended lists? Why does the community not discuss their books with as great a frequency and with the same enthusiasm …

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What women write: Published in 2016

One of our main goals here at Breaking the Glass Slipper was to increase the discussion of women writing SFF. We constantly see male authors talked about, reviewed, and recommended, making it appear as though women aren’t writing and publishing great SFF. That’s simply not true; there are many fantastic women …

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