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Interview with Tim Lebbon

Horror aficionado Charlotte talks with author Tim Lebbon, whose published bibliography is extensive. Lebbon has written countless horror and dark fantasy novels, both his original ideas as well as film novelisations and franchise tie-ins. A fan of his work, Charlotte particularly wanted to interview Tim about some of his stellar …

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Interview with Seanan McGuire

In this episode, Charlotte interviews the prolific writer Seanan McGuire (also known as Mira Grant) about her writing process, inclusive characters, Maine Coons, filk (folk music of science fiction and fantasy), and more. Focusing on three recent publications that Charlotte has particularly enjoyed – Every Heart a Doorway (winner of the 2017 Nebula for …

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Writing video games with Rhianna Pratchett

Speculative fiction is not confined to prose stories or even TV and film. Video games have long focused on science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories. As such, this week, I interview master games writer (official title!), Rhianna Pratchett. Writing a novel or short story can be hard enough, but writing for …

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Melinda Snodgrass on optimism in science fiction

One of my earliest loves and the series that prompted my eternal love for the science fiction genre was Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was hopeful while exploring deep philosophical questions. I was absolutely thrilled to speak to Melinda Snodgrass, who wrote some of my favourite episodes of the series (‘Measure …

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Gail Carriger on comedy in SFF and the heroine’s journey

Photograph by Vanessa Applegate

This week, Charlotte interviews Victorian steampunk/alternate history/comedy/gothic/romance/surrealist/urban fantasy writer Gail Carriger. This is one writer you cannot easily slot into a neat classification. Her writing defies genre so much she has practically invented her own! Gail talks about writing across a wide variety of genres and how she came to …

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Ytasha Womack on Afrofuturism

Genre fiction explores different possibilities of all kinds – what life might be like with the invention of new technologies, other worlds completely divorced from what we know, and more. But why, then, do we still find so many minority voices erased from these ‘other’ worlds where anything is possible. …

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Sarah Gailey on sexual violence in SFF

Please note that this episode may contain content that could upset some listeners. Audience discretion is advised. Late in 2016 I stumbled across a post on Tor.com entitled ‘Do Better: Sexual violence in SFF‘ by Sarah Gailey and I knew I had to interview her for Breaking the Glass Slipper. I …

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