About Breaking the Glass Slipper

An intelligent must-listen podcast exploring genre’s attitude to women

This podcast series was inspired by writer Juliet McKenna who recently commented on her blog about the many so-called ‘best of’ genre fiction lists that were conspicuously lacking in entries written by women. Science fiction, fantasy, and horror are genres created and loved by women as much as men, and yet the majority of the dialogue surrounding them still suggest that women are in the minority. We are here to prove to all genre lovers that there is a place for female writers and great female characters amongst the men folk!

Every episode is an absolute delight…a real eye-opener of a podcast

New content every Thursday: podcast episodes alternating with our ‘Five Questions’ blog feature.

The podcast is available on iTunes, SoundcloudStitcherTuneIn, via RSS Feed and pretty much everywhere else you can find podcasts on the internet.