2016 has been a terrible year in many respects, but over in our corner of the internet, things have been great. This year saw Charlotte Bond, Lucy Hounsom, and I (Megan Leigh) launch Breaking the Glass Slipper… and let me tell you, it’s been a blast. Our listenership has been growing steadily and it’s fantastic to see more and more of you talking about the issues we explore on the show.

When we launched, we had to get the word out. Our words started appearing all over the shop, pimping ourselves for exposure. But you know what? Our words may have been prompted by marketing strategies, but they turned out pretty darn well. So here is a little round-up of articles we have written this year either directly promoting the podcast or featuring similar subject matter to our core focus.

Lucy introduced our core mantra of ‘celebrating women in genre‘ to Fantasy Faction readers while I targeted the professional writer audience over at Writers’ Workshop. Meanwhile, Pornokitsch were incredibly kind, allowing us to hog the limelight not once but twice! For our first installment, we covered 15 Amazing Women Writing Genre Fiction, before tying an article into our then-latest episode on writing the opposite gender, compiling a list of our favourite characters created by a writer of the opposite gender.

Charlotte popped over to A C Macklin’s blog to talk about the hero’s journey while I was busy over at SFF World digging into the different cover styles SFF books tend to have when the perceived audience is male vs female. Once I get started, you apparently can’t shut me up… I was also featured on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America blog dispelling the myth of the strong female character.

If you are *still* eager for more from us (you sure you aren’t sick of us yet?!), remember that Lucy is a regular contributor on Fantasy Faction and Charlotte reviews for Ginger Nuts of Horror. You can find me over at Pop Verse, ranting and raving in equal measure about popular culture and creative industries.

Don’t forget to check personal blogs as well. Lucy and Charlotte both have personal blogs on top of everything else they do!