It isn’t possible to be too old for Disney films. You might go through that contrary teenage phase of claiming to have outgrown them, but we all know that’s a lie. Whether you are 6 or 66, no matter your gender, nationality, or creed, Disney films have a special place in all our hearts.

While we may love these films, that’s not to say that they’re perfect or that we can’t look at them with a critical eye. This week, we ask how feminist and inclusive our favourite Disney films really are. What messages do the Disney princesses send to audiences, particularly the children at whom the films are aimed? Which princesses stand out as being particularly good role models and what do we want to see Disney tackle in the future?

This is a subject, naturally, very close to our hearts. Once we got started we just couldn’t shut up. So forgive us the extra long episode and our extended tangent into LGBTQ+ and racial representation within the Disney Princess canon.

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*Please note that this episode was recorded before the release of the live actionย Beaty and the Beast.