All three of us were flying the Breaking the Glass Slipperย flag at Nine Worlds Geekfest 2017. Each of us were on numerous panels. Being the ‘tech geek’ of the three of us, however, I managed to record the two panels I was on outside of our live podcast episode. Of course, my very limited tech know-how only carries me so far, so apologies for some of the poor levels. I’d blame the tech crew, but they know who I am… I love you, techies! Honest!

The gods of scheduling have it in for me. For the first slot on the first morning, I interviewed fantasy author Chris Wooding on his life as a writer. Chris has been a professional writer since he was 19, so he has plenty to talk about!

Megan Leigh, Charlotte Bond, and Lucy Hounsom and Nine Worlds 2017

If that weren’t hard enough, first thing on Saturday morning I was back in the saddle. At least this time I had Charlotte and Lucy by my side. The only problem was that we seemed to be missing our guest, comic writer Kieron Gillen! Don’t worry, the London public transport system only briefly held him up before he joined us to geek out about music and its relationship to inspiration and writing.

The power of playlists

(N.B. Lucy’s microphone seemed to be 100% better than the rest of ours. I’ve attempted to level the audio out as best I can.)

Struggling to get into the mood for writing? Need to inspire the correct emotional state for a particular character or event? These authors discuss how the right soundtrack can work wonders on your writing!