As well as a gentle reminder that we’re eligible for a couple of SFF awards, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our listeners for their support over the last year (and more)! BTGS has been going now since April 2016 and we can’t believe we’re approaching our two year anniversary. In that time, we’ve released nearly 50 episodes, 4 of them recorded live at conventions, and have hosted some of SFF’s most exciting creators, both new and established.

If you love what we do and find yourself in a position to nominate, we are eligible for:

The Hugo Awards: Best Fancast (nominations close 16th March)

The British Fantasy Awards: Audio (this is a new category for 2018). The official members voting form isn’t up yet, but there’s a crowd-sourced list you can add to/view here.

We have lots more exciting content lined up for this year, so stay tuned!

Megan, Lucy and Charlotte

Some of our most-listened-to episodes:

S01, E01 Gender Inequality in “Best Of” Lists

S01, E03 Writing Gender

S01, E012 African Speculative Fiction with Chinelo Onwualu

S02, E05 Sarah Gailey on Sexual Violence in SFF

S02, E08 Fight Scenes and Women Warriors with Juliet E McKenna

S02, E12: Kieron Gillen on Gender and Diversity in Comics