This year has been an incredibly busy one for the BtGS girls, so when it came time to do our annual live episode at FantasyCon we decided to do something a little different. We threw caution to the wind and went for a fun and silly set-up. Let us assure you: major silliness occurred.

We reached out to two wonderful people – author Anne Lyle and podcaster extraordinaire Marguerite Kenner – and asked them if they would mind taking on the mantle of one of their favourite fictional female characters for the day. We would then throw ridiculous, tropey situations at them and have them respond in turn as their characters.

For the purposes of this episode, co-hosts and guests alike transformed into the following:

  • Megan: Princess Leia Organa (or General, depending on the era)
  • Lucy: Hermione Granger
  • Charlotte: Nanny Ogg
  • Marguerite: Commander Shepard
  • Anne: Granny Weatherwax
In case you wanted a little taste of what is to come…

We were incredibly honoured to win the British Fantasy Award for Best Audio while at the con. It was an impressive shortlist – so much so we assumed we wouldn’t win and had not prepared anything as far as a speech was concerned. Unfortunately for you (fortunately for us) the abysmal speech that happened hasn’t been recorded for posterity. But at least you have this very fun live episode to listen to!

Anne Lyle was born in what is popularly known as “Robin Hood Country”, and grew up fascinated by English history, folklore, and swashbuckling heroes. She is the author of the award-nominated Elizabethan fantasy novel The Alchemist of Souls and its two sequels, and is currently working on a new series set in a world of shapestealers, monsters and ancient magics! Find out more here.

Marguerite Kenner is a native Californian who has forsaken sunny paradise to live with her true love in Merrye Olde England. She frequently wears so many hats that she needs two heads. When she’s not grappling with legal conundrums as a commercial solicitor, editing Cast of Wonders, or helping behind the scenes as COO of Escape Artists, she can be found narrating audio fiction, studying popular culture (i.e. going to movies and playing video games) with her partner Alasdair Stuart, or curling up with a really good book. You can follow her adventures on Twitter.