If you have been listening to our podcast for some time now, you will be well aware of our fascination with fairytales and how they continue to shape modern speculative fiction. But when we talk about fairytales, we are often thinking of a very narrow subset – those that are more familiar to English-speaking audiences… but these are not representative of fairytales and folklore across the globe. 

In this episode, we are very excited to welcome back Gabriela Houston who will shed some light on Slavic folklore and the different narrative shapes that develop from such roots and how she incorporates their darker elements in works aimed at younger readers.

We hope that this episode inspires you to learn more about Slavic folklore and mythology!

Gabriela Houston - author of The Second Bell and The Wind Child

Gabriela Houston is a London-based writer. She was born in Poland and raised in a book-loving household on the nourishing diet of mythologies, classics and graphic novels. She spent much of her early school years holed up in the library, only feeling truly herself in the company of Jack London’s trappers and Lucy Maud Montgomery’s red-headed orphan, among many others.

Her debut Slavic Fantasy novel THE SECOND BELL is out now from Angry Robot Books, as well as her latest Slavic-Inspired upper MG novel (ages 9+), THE WIND CHILD, from Uclan Publishing. 

She’s the cohost of a YouTube channel, Bookish Take, which focuses on a writer’s journey from the initial idea through to the publication process and beyond!