In this episode, I am really excited to talk about a book I was invited to read last year. The premise drew me in immediately – the last of humanity fighting to exist above an inhospitable earth – the only thing keeping them safe is their city built and maintained by plants magically manipulated by a chosen few. A husband and wife fighting to save their marriage but also their world, and how that struggle forms the very fabric of the narrative.

The Surviving Sky draws from fantasy, sci-fi, cli-fi and even thriller to create a book that speaks on many levels. We are very lucky to be joined by its author, Krithika H. Rao, to explore not only this meeting of genres but what human society might look like in the face of catastrophic change. 

Lucy loved the book, which she read last year (before it was even out!). You can tell by all her fangirling about intricate magic systems and character chat. This means that we didn’t get around to mentioning too many other authors or books in this episode, so nothing to list here for you! But it is still a great episode, we promise!

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Author photo: Kritika H. Rao

Kritika H. Rao is a science-fiction and fantasy writer, who has lived in India, Australia, Canada and The Sultanate of Oman. Kritika’s stories are influenced by her lived experiences, and often explore themes of consciousness, self vs. the world, and identity. When she is not writing, she is probably making lists.

She drops in and out of social media; you might catch her on Twitter, Tiktok, or Instagram @KritikaHRao. Visit her online at