Love can last a lifetime, but revenge is forever…

Love is a common driving force for novels, and it comes in many forms. It could be the pursuit of true love, or the quest to turn unrequited love into a passionate relationship. Often, it can be the loss of love that spurs a hero or heroine into action, leading either to a joyful reunion or a tragic acceptance that love once lost is lost forever.

When considering how love influences a story, there is the trope of fridging, also knows as the “disposable woman” and described by TV Tropes as follows: “Disposable Woman: A female character, who is present in the story just so that she can be attacked and/or killed. Her attack spurs the story forward, and that’s all.”

As we move away from literature that is dominated solely by narrow male narratives, people start to ask themselves what a disposable woman might actually look like. What their dreams or aspirations were, there fears and concerns – and what the world might look like if they still lived in it. Joining us today is SE Porter, whose multi-layered novel Projections examines what happens when a man kills a woman he allegedly loves and then that woman kind of hangs around. As a ghost. Who won’t stop screaming. And who now has to stop her killer from killing others. While also falling in love. Like we said, this is a multi-layered novel.

Sarah Porter, or S. E. Porter for this novel, is a critically-acclaimed YA author of Vassa in the Night, bursts onto the adult fantasy scene with her adult novel that is sure to appeal to fans of Jeff VanderMeer and China Mieville.

When not writing weird stuff, Sarah can often be found leading creative writing workshops with amazing young NYC public-school writers via Teachers & Writers Collaborative.