We have a bit of an unusual episode for you today! While it is amazing that we have so many authors who want to come on the show – we feel truly honoured – we thought it was about time we returned to talking among the three of us, like it was when we first began the show.

Not one but TWO of my (Megan’s) fabulous co-hosts have books coming out. In fact, Lucy’s is out in the world already! So I wanted to shine a light on their work with an episode that might be at times a little silly, but hopefully as interesting and as fun to listen to as our usual offerings.

Normally when we run these episodes, we share prompt questions ahead of time so as not to terrify our guests! However, Lucy and Charlotte aren’t really guests, so they had no idea what I planned to ask them! Enjoy… and please go buy their books!

Lucy Holland is the author of The Times bestselling Sistersong, which was a finalist for the Goldsboro Books Glass Bell Award and the British Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 2022. Her second historical fantasy novel, Song of the Huntress, is published by Pan Macmillan in 2024. As Lucy Hounsom, she wrote the Worldmaker Trilogy. She worked twelve years in corporate account sales for Waterstones Booksellers before becoming a full-time author. She lives in Devon.

Charlotte Bond is an author, freelance editor, and podcaster. Under her own name she has written within the genres of horror and dark fantasy, but she’s also worked as a ghostwriter. She edits books for individuals and publishers, and has also contributed numerous non-fiction articles to various websites. Her micro-collection The Watcher in the Woods won the British Fantasy Award for Best Collection in 2021.