We have a lot of authors on our podcast, talking about their books, what inspired them, how they’ve written them etc. Quite often they’ll get drawn into the TV series or films that inspired them [*coughs* Star Trek]. But a medium we don’t often touch upon is comics & graphic novels, even though some of our favourite short horror stories are in Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods, and those of us who are sad at the cancellation of Firefly can revisit our favourite characters in graphic novels such as The Gospel According to JaneFall Guys, and my personal favourite, The Shepherd’s Tale.

Joining us in this episode is Corissa Grant, creator of the Worthy Chaos Redemption comics.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Through the Woods by Emily Carroll
  • The Ritual by Adam Nevill
  • Supernatural
  • The Walking Dead

Worth Chaos Comics: Redemption Chapter 1 cover art

Corissa Grant

Being dyslexic, writing was not something I thought would ever happen for fun or for any reason. When I first started writing, it was mere one-liners, then after two years, a paragraph at a time, multiple paras, and then novellas. But after meeting JC, the novellas turned into novels. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else with my spare time except writing! I couldn’t love these characters or stories any more than I do! Well…I say that, but I fall in love all over again after each new chapter.